A Bright Start for 27: The Time is Now

Today I am 27. 1d43c8cea40fd5205b71fcc5d04bbb3a

Last night I sat in a small crowded restaurant with a friend and his boyfriend catching up over a table of Asian tapas and a bottle of white wine.  At one point in the conversation he stopped and then smiled, "But the real question is, do you like to party?  Berlin knows how to party."  

A couple of months ago I wrote about a plan to help me feel my best by 27.  My main health goals were to increase energy, balance hormones, detox, improve my fitness and feel happy and positive.  For over a month I focused on rest and limited alcohol and caffeine, and then Paris happened, life happened, and I decided that living needed to come first.

While I haven't improved my fitness, I have felt better and more energized in the past couple of weeks than I have all year.  If there's anything I've learned about health in my 27 years it's that there's no magical formula and that I feel best when I'm happy and balanced.

I know all the health benefits of every type of diet and exercise.  I've read the books, blogs, subscribed to the ideas and the newsletters.  But we're all our own personal science experiments.  When I look at my health over the years I always come back to the fact that I feel my best when walking a lot and eating a varied diet.  Basically the European lifestyle.  I've been living this way in Berlin and feeling great.  I'm taking full pleasure in my meals again and finding it improves my mood, energy and overall digestion.


I am learning what works for me.  As for my long term health goals, balance is key.  I want to go for a run some mornings and sleep in on others.  I want to drink plenty of water and eat leafy greens, but I also want to drink my coffee and gin cocktails and eat cheese plates and chocolate cake.  I want to say yes to dinner invites and dance until 5 a.m.  This is the girl in me that I've grown to love other the years.

While I may not fit into the ideal picture of a woman in her late twenties, whatever the hell that means, I am creating my own.  Comfortable in my skin, adventurous, open minded and balanced.  It's a good place to be.

I want to lead by example.  So guess what?  I love myself, my body, my life.  I think I'm beautiful and sexy.


I plan to keep giving stress the finger, to see a doctor about my allergies, to be aware of how different things affect my body and to live consciously.  Most importantly I want to keep living in whatever way makes me happiest.  This will change over the years, but right now it means getting out there and taking Berlin.

I guess you could say 27 is off to a pretty bright start.