And Then We Take Berlin

Paris always gives me the bit of romance that I need. IMG_5818

I spent my last night eating Italian food in a small restaurant on top of the hill in Montmartre and drinking wine in a cozy booth at my favourite grungy bar, La Fourmi, where you can drink like a king for pocket change.

My friend looked me dead in the eyes and told me I was the most wonderful woman he knows.  As I started to try to tell him otherwise he stopped me, "To me.  You can't change that."  I took a sip of my wine and drank up the gratitude.  I realized that I have everything I need the world.  I have unconditional love.


After a sleepless night I tidied up my friends apartment, lugged my suitcase down five flights of stairs, and kissed Paris goodbye.


I arrived in Berlin to a chilly grey afternoon feeling welcomed by the slower pace, the leaves falling off the trees, and the familiar feeling I get every time I get here.  Something about it feels like home.

Tomorrow I start my new job.  Sunday I'll move into a small room in a shared apartment that I can call my own.  For the first time in almost a year I'll be unpacking my bags or an indefinite amount of time.  It feels good.

After all of the romance of Paris it's time to learn German, drink some good coffee and get to work.