A Bright Start for 27: Coffee, Cigarettes and Gin

loretta I lean over the balcony and look into the apartments around me.  An older man in a striped shirt talking on his cell phone, a young woman cooking dinner and smoking a cigarette.

My time in Paris has been indulgent.  I came here expecting to have a quiet couple of weeks to gather myself and work, but every day has been filled with surprises.  I put my health goals aside for a week and really focused on enjoying my time with the people I was with.  I had some wine here, a few cocktails there, coffee and cigarettes everywhere.


It's Paris.  I'm not perfect, but I am enjoying indulging without going overboard.  When I drink it's not to escape anything, I enjoy it.

Yesterday afternoon I snuck into the dark cavern of Harry's bar and ordered a Gimlet.  The expressionless bartender took my order then returned a moment later.  "I'm sorry...did you say vodka or gin?  Your eyes distracted me..."  He let a small smile slip out of his lips.

A group of older French men sitting across from me with a round of beers and a plate of hot dogs called over "Would you like to come drink with us?"  I kindly declined and the ring leader whispered to his friends "It's her little smile.." 

Soon my new friend arrived and we had a creative brainstorming session.  We sat talking for so long that the bar emptied out and then refilled more than once.  During one trip to the bathroom I helped an older woman up and down the stairs.  Afterwards her and her friend coerced me into grabbing a straw and sharing their bowl of the bar's famous blue cocktail.

It's hard not to love this city.  Paris is my longest fling and the one I'll never fully let go of, even though it encourages all of my favourite bad habits.

All in all I think I'm doing really well.  I encountered some really stressful situations this week but I'm not allowing myself to worry about things beyond my control.  Stress is my biggest problem so I'm giving it the finger and focusing on all the great things I have going for me.

This week I reach new beginnings in Berlin and will also refocus on my plan to feel my best for 27, it's only 10 days away now!  À la prochaine.