I Don't Want to be Your Girl No More

Every day is a little better. I don't think adjusting to a new life is supposed to be easy.


This morning I got completely lost on the subway only to find that the main part of my route to work is shut down for construction for another month.  Lesson learned.

But the sun was shining, and when I walked into the coffee shop around the corner from work the barista said "Flat white?"  Before I could even order and everything was right in the world.  He asked for my name before I left and I officially became a regular.  It's the little things.


The day went smoothly and the job is challenging but fun.  I'm forced to stay alert, research and learn new things constantly.  The free lunches and friendly coworkers are icing on the cake.  Today a guy with hair down to his waist taught me about German heavy metal while painting a wall green.

Afterwards I walked home feeling light on my feet.  I stopped at my brother's where he graciously made me dinner and let me help myself to his sloe gin for a post work cocktail.


Afterwards I took the U-Bahn home to my part of town.  They have a term in Germany for being a "neighbourhood potato" for people who love their hoods so much they never leave.  I can see how easily this could happen.

I still have a lot to adjust to, a lot to do, a whole language and culture to learn, but it's growing on me fast.  It's weird to think I could be living a completely different life right now.  A heartbeat ago I was living in Canada with a husband and a life laid out for me.


I've let go of it, and while some days it tugs at my heart, most days it reminds me to be grateful.  I have freedom.  I have the kind of life I always wanted.  And now I have Berlin.