A Bright Start for 27: On the Road

Following a plan is much easier when you're settled at home. Last week I took the train to Paris and have been running around the city with my mom and friends ever since.


How does one follow a nutrition plan and manage adrenal fatigue while traveling?  Like all things in life, I did my best to be adaptable and not to sweat the small stuff.

Like my last time in Paris I've been allowing a glass of wine here and there, and have been really flexible with the plan Sarah laid out for me.  My main focus has been to limit my stress, rest when I need to, eat often, make sure I'm getting protein, and not to overdo any stimulants while still enjoying a social treat here and there.


For the most part this has been fantastic.  I stayed in to rest most nights but also enjoyed some social lunches and dinners (and even a brunch with this beauty).

Last night was everyone's last evening in Paris and we enjoyed a huge feast with a wonderful Parisian family in their apartment until two in the morning.  I wouldn't miss an opportunity like this for the world.  


A major high in my progress has been signs of a more regular menstrual cycle, which means my hormones are getting themselves in order.

On a negative note, I had two more instances of breaking out into full hives, from an apple one morning and a banana the next.  Apparently one of the signs of adrenal fatigue can be the worsening of allergy symptoms or the beginning of an entirely new allergic reaction.  The trigger can be a food allergy even if the real cause is long term stress which can result in a decrease of adrenal hormone release.

Sarah is helping me get to the bottom of this and as soon as I can get my health insurance in order in Germany I will do an allergy test.  She also noticed that these outbreaks happened at times where I was eating foods rich in histamines again (my beloved cured meats and sardines) so I have to be weary.  She also reminded me that while the hives can feel like I'm doing something wrong I'm doing very well for a traveller and to remember all of the progress we are seeing, especially increased energy and signs of menstruation.

I'm looking forward to settling more in the next few weeks and following my plan more thoroughly, but in the meantime I'm extremely grateful to be in Paris and experiencing life to the fullest.

Until next time!