Taking Back Sunday

I woke up this morning feeling heavy hearted. I drank a cup of tea and debated crawling back into the warmth of my bed.

Then my friend texted me and asked if I felt like coming out.  I said yes.  We simultaneously suggested the same coffee shop and a perfect Sunday was born.


Berlin, like many European cities, shuts down on Sundays.  While it is impossible to pick up groceries or any other necessities, it gives you a perfect excuse to spend the day walking, enjoying cafe culture, and rummaging through flea markets.

As I shared my stresses over a big flat white and hazelnut cake I felt some weight lift off of me.  It helps to have one of my best friends in the city, especially one who knows Berlin inside and out, and loves walking and eating as much as I do.


We explored both of our neighbourhoods and the in between, admiring older architecture, cherub faced German children and bright leaves covering the streets.

We talked about love and whether it's possible to spend your life with one person.  While I know the kind of love I want in my future - with unconditional love, a solid friendship and a big messy family - it's hard to imagine a lifetime commitment.  As we enter our late twenties these questions get heavier.  I don't have answers.  All I can do is trust the process and enjoy my freedom.


Our walk took us through the park, past the drug dealers, along the canal, past busy cafes, and eventually to tapas and a glass of wine on the sidewalk of a cafe, the perfect afternoon snack.

One of the hard things about moving around so much is staying connected with people.  Having one of my best childhood friends here reminds me of a whole life I often forget about and bonds I never want to let go of.  I don't know if I've been a good friend over the years.  I'm not good at keeping in touch and I sometimes forget to tell people how much they mean to me.

At the end of the day I sent my friend a message to thank her.  I'm so lucky to have someone to share a Sunday with, to remember I'm not alone, and that some of the best things never change.