The Gentlewoman's Manifesto


  1. Never shop for too long before stopping for a glass of Champagne or a cocktail.
  2. Favour old fashioned cocktails with gin or bourbon.
  3. Eat exactly what you crave and savour every bite.
  4. Favour timeless bars, cafes and restaurants that have been around for years over trendy ones.
  5. Buy only things that you love and that will last.
  6. Embrace a minimalist wardrobe.
  7. When you indulge do it right.  A Pierre Hermé macaron is never a bad idea.
  8. Always dress up when you travel.
  9. Own a good blazer and trousers so you can suit up when needed.
  10. Always wear the best quality shoes, lingerie and perfume.
  11. Own at least one hat.
  12. Wear what you feel good in, not what is in style.

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