10 Things I Did to Improve My Health

After almost a year of struggling with poor energy, anxiety and depression, I have started to feel amazing.  I have a ton of energy, I feel good in my skin and stronger than ever.  My secret?  More gin, less worrying. 0ef9c8f2b50934d9b8b1d53f72f54995


Here are 10 things I did to improve my health:

1.  Stopped worrying.

I have wasted so much energy worrying about things beyond my control.  Guess what?  It doesn't change anything.  Deep breathing and good friends help.


2.  Accepted myself fully.

I have spent a lot of my life trying to improve myself.  While I still want to grow and learn, I accept myself fully right now.  I have dropped the idea that any one person, place, or thing will complete me or make me better.


3.  Decided to never diet again.

It's hard not to be tempted by the seductive lure of a new diet, magic formula, or dedicated plan to drop a dress size.  But I'm done.  For good.  I deleted and unfollowed all things diet and fitness and focusing on what I enjoy.  I am 100% more satisfied and feel more balanced.

4.  Quit detoxing.

I often joke about being a detox junkie.  In the past few years I've become obsessed with that vibrant feeling that comes post detox.  The problem?  It creates a vicious cycle where I rebel afterwards and then 'need a detox'.  My body doesn't need a detox, or to be used like a yo-yo, it needs balance.


5.  Started drinking more.

I need balance and I need to have fun.  Deciding to drink more often has opened up my social life, added pleasure to my days, and taken away any desire to overdo it like I often did before (usually after a detox).

6. Threw out all exercise regimes.

Sometimes I run to de-stress.  Once and a while I do yoga for a good stretch.  Most days I walk a little before and after work because it makes me feel good.  I've let go of any planned exercise routine and have actually found that I'm moving more.


7. Became more social.

I've always thought of myself as being extremely introverted.  And while I need my alone time, I've realized that a lot of my avoiding social situations in the past was anxiety related.  I now force myself to say 'yes' much more often and get such joy from sharing my time with others.


8.  Learned to love unconditionally.

It is hard not to want something specific from your relationships.  The moment I decided to love everyone in my life unconditionally everything became easier.  I don't label, set rules or expectations.  It is liberating.


9.  Started practicing forgiveness.

With myself and others.  It takes time.  But holding onto negative feelings in poisonous.

10.  Committed to enjoying my life.

I've got one and I'm going to make it good dammit.