A Letter to Berlin

A friend of mine just started this tumblr, To a City, where they collect letters from people to cities. As a contribution I wrote a letter to Berlin.



I met you two years ago.

We spent a weekend together and I thought you were interesting but I wasn't attracted to you.

The next time I came the sun was shining, we spent a lot of time walking around, and I realized just how sexy and charming you could be.  I wanted to get to know you better but I had another life to go home to.


And then I visited you in the dead of winter.  My heart was broken. You were cold and quiet but you listened.  You took me to the Christmas markets and museums when I needed something other than your grey skies to look at.  You held my head when I drank too much and didn't judge me when I couldn't stomach a meal or a smile.  You allowed me to be sad and it was what I needed.

Afterwards I kept visiting.  I saw more of you.  I started to fall for you.  I moved here to be with you.

Since moving here it's been an adrenaline rush.  We've had a lot of fun but also loss, hurt, tears and mistakes.  Sometimes you make me feel even more alone.  You're hard to keep up with.  You're a complex creature, you party all of the time, and honestly, you're way cooler than I am.

But you make me feel like I can do anything.  So just keep being there for me, keep staring back at me with your deep grey skies and letting me be sad when I need to be, and I'll work on loving myself again.