Love or Something Like It

If I love you, I will not tell you to "be mine." I will tell you "Be yourself.  Make mistakes.  Love the whole world, and I will love you no matter what."

I will not ask you to change your plans for me.  Live your life.  If you've got a passion follow it.  Let it burn a whole in your wallet, your mind and soul.  It's probably why I started loving you in the first place.


I'm still learning about love.  I'm approaching my late twenties and there are whispers of weddings and babies all around me.  Meanwhile I cheekily whisper over gin and tonics "I'm divorced" and see how the world reacts.

But it's good.  I wake up every day amazed with the amount of love in my life.

It is everywhere.  Romantic love is tricky because I need my freedom right now.  I still have some fire to burn.  I need to get closer to that place where I feel like I am grabbing my dreams with sweaty palms and telling fear to go f* itself.  I'm getting there.


There will come a time when I'm ready.  Or I won't be but it will happen anyways.

I know there is love in my future.

I look forward to having my own family.  Full of gut wrenching laughs and big messy dinners, trips, and lessons learned together.  It's going to be amazing.  I'm not afraid to say I deserve it.

Until then the gypsy life continues.  With an open heart and mind.  I'm going to continue loving the world and letting it love me back.


Wild Flower

I am no different than a flower. I need fresh air, water and sunlight. While I seem fragile I grow best in the wild, In open fields and forests The kiss of the stars On my cheeks at night. I've weathered worse storms Than the ones You want to protect me from. I have been trampled on, Ripped from the ground, And I beg you: Do not not try claim me as your own. Do not stuff me into a shiny glass vase, And display for the world to see. I will die here. It will never be enough. Instead hike out to see me, Find me lit up by the midday sun. We'll open our arms to the afternoon breeze, And walk barefoot through the grass. We'll watch the sun disappear As the sky goes out of focus. Lie beside me today and tomorrow, And lay your gentle hands on my body. (I'll give you mine If you give me yours.) But do not rip me from my roots, That's not what love is for.