10 Signs You're a Gypsy

  1. It no longer weirds you out to wake up somewhere unfamiliar.
  2. You regularly hand people the wrong currency.
  3. You are always saying "Excuse me" in the wrong language ("Pardon!")
  4. You have a collection of SIM cards you are doing your best not to lose.
  5. You often find yourself walking down the street, in a bus or taxi, completely forgetting where in the world you are.
  6. You gave up on your shoe collection a long time ago.
  7. You are always broke, but somehow always find a way to get a plane, train or bus ticket.
  8. Most of your friends' significant others are pretty sure you're an imaginary friend.
  9. You are terrified of buying large objects.  The day you buy a sofa a panic attack might ensue.
  10. Your taste in music is an eclectic mix you've collected from city to city and an international mix of friends (Now turn that German hip hop up a notch.)