10 Steps to an Amazing Life

Like anyone, I have my ups and downs.  But as I get a little bit older (and hopefully wiser) I'm getting better at enjoying my life. Good opportunities are flowing in like sweet Kentucky Bourbon and I'm feeling blessed.  I spent a lot of my life caught up in my own anxiety and depression, chasing things not worth their while and questioning my worth.  I'm tired of that.  So I'm writing my own story and making sure it's a good one.


  1. Make mistakes.  And don't freak out about them.  You are human.  You are living.  You are learning.  Get over it. You now have more life experience and more to write about.
  2. Go outside.  Fuck your gym pass and treadmill.  Nature is a big beautiful playground and it's free.  You will feel ten times more fulfilled by spending time outside than sweating beside some guy in a cut off t-shirt and spray tan.
  3. Say yes.  To new opportunities, people, and ideas.  There is not one right way to live, so play around with your life and find out what you like and who you are.
  4. Spend more money on travel and less money on things.  Travel is the one thing you can buy that will make you richer.
  5. Have honest conversations.  I hate small talk.  Turns out so do most people.  Speak your mind, dig deep, and get to know people.
  6. Enjoy your food.  Do not waste your time on diets.  Sit down with people you love, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy your meal.  Try new things.  Savour.  You will be happier, live longer and look better for it in the end.
  7. Make music a big part of your life.  Share music everywhere you go and dance whenever possible.  I was recently stranded in an airport with an exhausted crew waiting for luggage and they all broke out their instruments.  It turned a bad situation into one of the best memories of the trip.
  8. Be confident.  Even if you have to fake it.  Confidence is a secret key to being more successful, attractive and happy.  Repeat "I love myself" til it sinks in.  Remember that you're in control of it.
  9. Fuck fear.  Fear is not real.  When you face your fears you are almost always rewarded.
  10. Go after what you want.  Your dreams, your goals, a shot at love, whatever it is that sets your heart on fire.