16199c99d73c95c40c4523296971b58b I have been travelling around the world. I am working hard and playing harder and thinking a lot about love.

I keep coming back to the idea that it's not in one person.  Love is everywhere.  It's in your friends, your family, and anyone who's able to break down the wall you built so carefully around your heart (trespassers beware).

I want to be open to love.  I don't want to love for the sake of being loved in return or to own someone.  I don't want to love to forget my past or because I'm too hungry for another future.  I want to love because it feels good to appreciate another person.  Because their smile feels like goddamn sunshine.

I want to let people trespass on my heart and be okay with the fact that sometimes they will leave a mess, but once and a while they will plant something beautiful.  And when the weather is right that something will blossom and grow and it will be Spring time in my big stupid heart and nothing else will matter.