I don’t want to live one life - To taste tomatoes from one soil Or pick ripe summer figs From one tree. I'm hungry for oranges in California, Mushrooms foraged in Italy, I'm thirsty for Southern accents And whiskey in Tennessee. I want my thirst to be quenched By all kinds of living And all kinds of lovers, Who hold me differently through the night. I want to wake up Tangled in different sheets, To a thick humidity, a dry dessert sun, The rain in the city I was raised in. I want the sound of coffee being made In different homes and cities, Served dark and bitter or milky and sweet, With the smile of a barista in Berlin Or the worn out frown of a bartender in Paris. I want afternoons spent on the river, Skinned knees and midnight swims, I want to watch the night fall In places I've never been. I want awkward firsts And second chances, No limits on how to live.