I'll Take You Home


Slow down. You have become too many different people, And have lost yourself Between airports and car rides home. You keep re-inventing yourself And chasing extremes, You need to dig your feet Into the middle ground. Rest your head. Learn to sleep through the night alone. Let go, still, Keep letting go. Stop feeding on the memories and ideas That have left you malnourished. It's time to get hungry for the now. Find yourself again. Be honest. Even when it makes you feel As though you've walked into the room naked, The air on your skin will be liberating. You've been wearing these old clothes For too long. I promise that one day, Once you're good on your own, They'll be someone Who knows how to love you Better than they know how to hurt you. You will love again. Without the games, Because I know you hate games, And without the fear, Because I know how tired you are Of being afraid (and look how brave you've become.) You are a truth seeker. You want true people, true love, A life that is true to you. Do not stop seeking it. It is there, Under the layers, Under the fear, Under the places You still need to uncover. One day you'll find it, And you will make it your home.