Rave On

A few days away at the cottage helped ease my tired head. unnamed

Toronto has been yet another whirlwind in this year of adventure, and I'm finding myself, after so much happiness and excitement, feeling exhausted.

I have been riding such a high that the moment I stop I'm aware of how tired I am.


It's easy to lose parts of yourself on the road.  I miss my quiet, introspective side. I miss feeling healthy, in tune with my body and the earth.  I also miss putting other people first.

I have been very selfish this past year.  I left a marriage and my perfectly planned life, took an unmarked road and never turned back.  It was terrifying.  I hardly recognized myself at times.  But I put myself first, asked for help when I needed it, rested when I was too tired to face another day, and jumped blindly into new adventures when I needed to feel alive.  It was all necessary but I now feel like myself again and am ready to give back.

The first step is to ground myself a little.  As I find myself and my energy I am prepared to be the kind of daughter, niece, cousin, friend and role model for other young women that I want to be.  Then it's time to start looking at the big picture and seeing how I can make a difference in the world.  I have no doubt that I am here for a reason, and I am not putting this newfound strength and fire to waste.


Next stop - Vancouver.  Home.  I'm going to let nature and new projects recharge me and then build up an appetite for the next adventure.  Something tells me I'm on the right path.