Dear Reader

93b01b2acd74eff11528f2dd09725a06 Dear reader,

There is so much I would like to say to you. I would like to tell you about last night's picnic on the beach by my childhood home where I used to run into the ocean in nothing but jean shorts and my long scraggly blonde hair. How we ate Roquefort cheese and drank sparkling wine, and it tasted like France. I was flooded with memories from here and there. I felt happy. I felt loved.  The sun coloured our skin gold and the freighters stretched their long bodies out in the ocean.

I would like to tell you about someone who makes me smile and has hands and a heart that are doing their best to heal all of my wounds. Eyes that see every bit of me and a voice that sings and yells how beautiful I am.  He is brave.  I am learning to be.

I feel like I have been on a long journey and that I am slowly coming home. I still have so much to see, learn and do, but I am becoming whole again. There is a familiarity with myself that I have not felt in a long time. I no longer feel the need to escape. I want to be here now. I want to be me.

Until I can properly find the words to tell you more, just know that all is well. Expect good things to happen to you and never forget your worth. Life is exciting.

Love, Gillian