The Gypsy 15

In my past year of gypsy adventures I have put an extra 15 pounds on my body. IMG_2668

This is scary to admit, to myself, and publicly.  With my history of an eating disorder and body image issues, it can feel terrifying.

But I've come a hell of a long way.  I still think I look beautiful.  It was been an adventure, full of great food, libations, travel, sleepless nights, and an insane amount of fun that brought me here.

Yes, I would like to shake off some of the extra weight so that I can feel a little more at home in my skin, and fit into my favourite jeans and dresses, but we'll take it one step at a time with health being the number one priority.

My body is telling me very clearly to drink less, hydrate more, sleep, nourish and get active.  I like doing all these things.  I feel good when I'm doing all these things.  I'm prepared to give myself all the self love and care I need.


I like myself at this weight, and any weight, and will continue to love myself through all the ups and downs that life throws me. I am proud to have come this far.

I have also come to a place where I am no longer trying to drown out my present state.  I am building positive relationships based on honesty and communication.  I am building proper foundations and no longer feeling as unstable.

I like this girl.  I even like these newfound curves and the fact that I can own some cleavage now.  So there. I never gained the freshman 15 in university, so maybe I wasn't having enough wild fun.


Here's to the Gypsy 15, loving myself right now, making some healthy changes, and every part of this wild and wonderful journey.