Dear Woman


You are okay. You do not need to compare yourself Or feed yourself to the wolves. Howl with them instead. The only beast you need to feed Is the beast of your happiness, Of your passion, Your wild ambition and dreams. You do not need to suffer, To whisper cruel words to your Beautiful bare thighs or tired eyes. You need to lie naked at night, And thank the skies For the love story that created you, And all of the stories you've survived. Know your value, Do not settle, Do not waste your time On restless hearts. Anyone who doesn't understand How crucial it is To tell you how important you are Is not enough. This life will never be easy But you were born a woman, Born a warrior, And this is your adventure. Make the world tremble With the strength of your words, And by refusing all rules But your own. Choose your weapons wisely, Always go with love, And when you're tired of fighting Stop. Breathe. The biggest war Is within yourself And if you choose love You've already won.





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