Lessons from a Nomad

A year ago I packed my bags and moved to Europe. I had no plan to return, a big broken heart and a fresh start.

One morning I flew back to Toronto to chase a dream and then eventually came to Vancouver.  I had nothing but a carry on, some beat up credit cards and a few dollars to my name.

Since then I have been slowly coming home, to myself and this city.  The past year is still a lot to wrap my head around.  It was a journey of highs and lows that brought me closer to myself.

And now, as I settle into the beautiful city where I grew up, I have found love (or did it find me?) and am rebuilding my life.  I'm letting go of the past and choosing a future that makes me happy.

Meanwhile I am so grateful for the nomadic year behind means the lessons I learned along the way.  I am going to hold on tight to those.


It's not where you are, it's who you're with.

I'd rather share a small space with fifteen lovely hippies than a five star hotel room with someone who makes me miserable.


It's okay to be angry.

And sad.  And depressed.  Don't pretend you're not.  Don't numb it out.  Let yourself feel it, and then let it go.


Being healthy starts with your mind.

There is no supplement that can fix your mind.  Talk it out, write it out, go to therapy, forgive other people, forgive yourself, and move the hell on.  Choose love over fear even when it seems impossible.

47f4faffa2e429a05251506d444ac64fBe yourself.

The more authentic you are the more you will draw the right people into your life.  And the more fun you'll have.  Worrying about what people think is a waste of time and energy.

0a664ac2a0b244cef72effd671c02415 Be fearless.

Think you can't do it?  Try.  Fears are illusions.

6ae4834f1269eee63b7b6e093bbdaa59 Let go of comforts.

Routine and comfort can be great.  It is also liberating to let go of both.

1928ffde6f928d3815ab08ce52a8be1e Owning things will not make you happy.

The happiest people I met along the road owned very little.  Focus on what really makes you happy.

e9c4180159341d9ae26161d5c4a6edd9 Seek opportunities that feed your soul.

What do you need in your life?  What I needed  took me from a yoga camp, to working with teenagers in Paris, to writing about science in Berlin.  Every experience brought me closer to myself.

954ee16689c9832c94c5c12a65f342bd Sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself again.

It's okay to get lost, just come home eventually.

a421bae3e692a7c91a3e214a1f46e52b Be kind to yourself.  

36083733c10b9844a11f2915930b3131 Always say yes to love.