December Fit Focus

Getting back into health and fitness has improved outlook on life. It has helped me realize my strength.  I know that when I reach my limit, I can go a little further.  That when the hill seems to high or steep to climb, I just need to re-focus and move.  I've realized that setting goals has and always will be what motivates me.


With this in mind I've set up a 7 week plan to reach new fitness goals.  I want to continue to grow stronger and see what I am capable of.

By Christmas time I will have a few weeks to enjoy all good things in moderation, and in January I will set new goals.  My long term goal is to carry my strength and healthy lifestyle through my thirties and beyond.

And yes, on a very vain note, I want to look as great as I feel.

So here is my 7 week plan.  I'll be updating weekly with progress, struggles, food diaries, tid bits, recipes, and more.  I will continue working out twice a week at Fitin30 with my trainer Clem, and once a week with my new friend and trainer Jenny - who will be monitoring my progress, giving input, and helping me reach my goals.  She's amazing.

Time: 7 weeks, October 27th- December 15th

Specific Goals:

  • Be able to do 3 pull-ups, 30 pushups, run for 30 minutes comfortably
  • A balanced diet with a focus on healthy proteins, fats, and vegetables - sugars kept to minimum
  • Drop body fat % to lean out
  • See ab definition



  • Meditate every night
  • Unplug by 9pm, in bed by 10pm


  • 1-2 drinks per week max
  • LOTS of water, minimal salt
  • Matcha with stevia during the week, coffee on weekends


  • Walk as much as possible
  • Run twice a week - get to a comfortable 5K (set out running clothes the night before, go for at least 30 minutes)
  • Bike once a week


  • High intensity workouts 3x a week, building all over body strength.  Work towards 3 pull-ups and 30 pushups.

Notes from Jenny:

Periodization is important when looking at achieving performance goals.  In order to increase 10 push ups to 30 and 0 pull ups to 3 we need to increase overall upper body strength through push/pull exercises.  The body needs to be looked at as one kinetic chain with a strong core being the foundation to build strength around.  Therefore for the first 3-4 weeks I would like you to focus on building a strong core foundation and working on strength endurance. Strength endurance works with lower resistance, high repetitions (12-20) at an evenly paced tempo with shorter rest periods.  Once a solid foundation is achieved we can progress into hypertrophy training: higher resistance, decreased repetitions (6-12).  This is where we will see the most gains in lean muscle mass and overall strength.


  • 5 small meals a day
  • Healthy carbs in morning
  • Balance of protein and fats all day
  • Minimal sugar

weekly plan

BEFORE PHOTOS: (Mind you I took these before my birthday I may have some catching up to do!)

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Let the fun begin!