December Fit Focus: Day 1

I had a rough sleep on Sunday night which is never great when you've got a busy day ahead. 85a9dbe5-0210-4626-b61e-815d14619d33-large

But I woke up excited to get started on my plan.  After an indulgent birthday week I've been craving more regularity in my daily schedule and love having an outline set up for me.

I kicked off my day with my matcha tea, lemon water, and apple.  I even threw in a shot of apple cider vinegar and oregano oil for good measure.Processed with MoldivI went to Fitin30 for a semi-private training session and left smiling and sweaty.  I have a busy schedule and a short attention span, so working with a trainer for a fun and intense 30 minutes is perfect for me.


I had a busy work day and it was great being forced to eat variety and not just dip into my protein bar stash.  I and had some great curried eggs and kombucha after my workout, a big tuna, spinach, beet, avocado and pickle salad for lunch, a sprout salad as a snack, and some roasted squash, chicken, asparagus and broccoli in the evening.  I had thirds on the squash (tis' the season.)


I managed to sneak in a short night time run. I think sneaking in some cardio when I would normally be sitting will really help me keep my goals. It also gives me great clarity to work more efficiently.  That along with balanced nutrition, and watching my portions, will be key.

The sleep goal is another challenge.  It's already 7pm over here and I've still got work to do!  I'll do my best.

I won't be blogging every day on my plan but will check in whenever I can to let you know where I'm at.  That way it keeps me accountable and we can inspire each other!

Any posts you would like to request?