The Balance of Things

In less than a week I turn 28. In less than a week I get to wrap my arms around my long distance love and sink into my first relaxing weekend in a long time.

Fall is such a precious time of change and I'm trying to be self-aware.  Where do I need to make changes in my life?  Where can I improve?


I am telling myself - stress less.  It doesn't make anything better.  I am telling myself - love more.  The people in your life who love you are the most important.  I am telling myself - work hard.  Doing anything half way has never given me pleasure or the rewards I desire.

As always I search for balance.  Trying to remind myself to sleep.  To get outside.  To make time to breathe.

I remind myself to stop worrying about what others think.  This is my journey.  They are on their own.  All I can do is be loving, respectful, and present.

I am still absorbing this life so far.  What a trip.  I am proud of myself for the risks I've taken and the dreams I've chased.  I have yet to make the kind of impact I want in the world, but I have some years left.

In the meantime I'll continue to ask questions, and try no to worry so much about the answers.