The Great Fitness Experiment

I celebrated my 28th birthday in the Caribbean feeling happy, healthy and strong. IMG_5034

It wasn't without effort. I realized this summer that all of my travels, long hours at work, and life changes had taken their toll on my body and health.

While staying fit and lean was always something that came naturally to me, it was suddenly a struggle.  I felt off.

I still chose to love myself and found ways to feel confident and happy. I found my self-worth in things that really mattered.  And then I made the conscious decision that it was time to change.  I was now mentally strong, and it was time for my body to follow.


I let go of all of the things I was using as crutches. Alcohol to numb my emotions, sugar for comfort, and caffeine for energy. I wanted to sort out my hormones and feel good again.

So in August, when my love headed back to school, I put the focus on myself and fuelling my body properly.

I not only dealt with the physical detox symptoms, but I went through all of the emotions I'd been avoiding.  I got angry, I got upset, and I let go, once and for all.

Then I focused on getting strong: I started working out with a trainer, doing yoga, and getting outside as much as possible.

I didn't lose weight, but I gained muscle, strength, and regained my health and self confidence.

I celebrated my 28th birthday feeling fitter and stronger than ever.


This whole thing has made me realize how important my health and strength are to me. I have a lot I want to do with my life and I want to feel my best while doing it.

I want a life of strength, of movement, of feeling good in my skin and getting outside as much as possible.

I am setting new fitness goals for December that I'll explore more on my next post: December Fit Focus.  The fun has just begun!