December Fit Focus: Week 1

Week one on my fitness challenge has been a learning experience. It's funny how we hold onto habits that don't benefit us. I'm becoming really aware of when I will snack or overeat, how much unnecessary time I spend on the computer, and how much better I feel if I sneak in some extra movement into my day.



On the diet end of things I've been pretty flexible this week. I have loosely followed my plan, with the addition of enjoying a sweet treat every night and extra fruit.  I was gifted some incredible gluten-free cookies I couldn't let go to waste!  (You can follow my food diary here.)

I'm going to keep adjusting my diet plan as I go as I find out what works for me. For example, the days where I'm moving a lot more I need to add in an extra meal - maybe a protein pudding before bed - otherwise I can't sleep properly. I'd also like to cut back on almond milk and add in more healthy fats that will really benefit me nutritionally.

Overall I've been feeling better with the extra variety in my diet.  There is room for improvement but the pathway is being paved.


On the fitness end I've realized that I need to get moving more in small ways every day. I had an amazing workout with Jenny, where she helped me realize how much small adjustments can change an exercise. Turns out when you do a squat properly, it is hard to walk the next day.  Having someone fine tune what I'm doing and guide me through a workout is very exciting, and offers me something beyond what any home routine or video ever could.

I even managed to get myself out to run in the rain like a lunatic!


Next Friday I am going to Japan for 10 days!  My main goal is to eat locally and simply, move a lot, stay hydrated, avoid gluten like the plague, and take in as much local culture and fun as possible.  Some sake and mochi may be enjoyed in moderation.


Still need some improvement here but I'm proud of myself for unplugging and walking away from my workload earlier than usual.  I must remember to stop all technology at 9 p.m., and do some meditating and light reading before bed.


Goals for the next two week:

  • Less sugar
  • More water
  • More greens
  • Protein in afternoon snack


  • More walking and running
  • Hotel room HIIT workouts every morning in Japan

Food diary challenge:

  • Try to put together a daily food diary collage!  As a visual person I find this forces me to put more love and effort not my meals.

Highlights from this week:

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Week two diet plan: 

week 2 plan

In summary: I am loving this challenge so far. I still have a ways to go but am feeling strong, healthy and excited to progress further.