December Fit Focus: Week 4

Hey friends, the journey continues! I am back home from Japan and back to the grind of work.


I've realized since returning how many hours I log at my computer, and how repetitive my diet is when left to my own devices.

Using myFitnessPal has forced me to be more accountable.  I've been making sure I get a little more movement, which is especially enticing when you're looking at your daily calorie intake and realizing you can eat an extra snack if you sneak out for an evening walk, bam!

The only problem with this system for me is I tend to use up my daily calories on my favourite things: fruit, nuts, treats like Larabars!  While these are all super healthy, my fat and sugar intake is a little unbalanced and I'm not fuelling as well as I could.  I also struggled because it doesn't count weight training as burning calories, but I really need to increase my calories after an intense session (especially with my amazing trainer Jenny!)


On the bright side, I find I am slowly starting to see results!  I actually think Japan, with its balanced meals and extra movements in my days, really helped.  It feels really good to be slowly working towards my goals rather than towards a quick fix.  Honestly I've been making changes since August, so it's been slow and steady improvements.

Photo on 2014-11-20 at 8.46 PM #2

I'm turning it up a notch next week with the 21-day fix program.  I ordered this a while back from my friend and super babe Kristin is a beach body coach.  I had been following her incredible journey, and a couple of months ago I ordered some Shakeology and the program from her.  Since I have 21 days left on my journey, it works out perfectly!

The plan consists of a set of workout DVDs and portion controlled containers to ensure you're getting the right amount of carbs,protein and healthy fat every day.  As someone who can eat half a jar of almond butter in a sitting and neglect entire food groups, I was like "Hmm, that could work."

I've played around with the plan a little bit since getting it, but have yet to really commit myself to the portion control (a little daunting for me at first).  But I'm going to do some serious meal prep today to make my week easier, and adjust the plan every week as I figure out what works and what doesn't.  Here is my current plan!


weekly plan

Thank you for following my fitness adventures!

Other big goals for this week:

-At least six tall glasses of water a day -Unplug by 9pm when possible, in bed by 10pm (unless I'm doing later shoots for work) -Some kind of movement every evening