December Fit Focus: Week 5

This is the first time in my life I've ever really committed to my health. I've committed to cleanses, diets, and month long workout routines, but I've never decided so whole heartedly to change my life path.


It's been a long time coming.  When I was in an unhealthy relationship with myself and my partner I'd make changes here and there, I'd chase extremes and spend hundreds on supplements, but I could never find a balance.  I'd be on a juice cleanse one day, and drinking far too much wine the next.

My body has been through a lot.  An eating disorder, struggles with night eating, a gluten allergy that made it hard for me to keep food down, and an insane amount of stress (the months before and after my wedding destroyed me.)  I've looked healthy, I've been told I'm too thin, and I've carried a little extra meat - it didn't always reflect what was going on inside.

With my heart and mind in the right place, I feel a change, and little by little I can see it.  I have some muscle definition.  I have clearer skin and brighter eyes.  My body is being fuelled properly and well taken care of. I notice it, and it gives me extra motivation to achieve all of my goals.

I am also not perfect.  In the past couple of weeks I committed a couple of nights of fun (insert wine and feasting), and regret nothing.  Committing to a healthy life means balance.

I'm also still making improvements in my diet, in my movement, and trying to sort out my cortisol levels.  I constantly wake up two hours of going to sleep completely alert, and need to make myself a bowl of oatmeal to soothe myself back to sleep.

They say health is a journey and I feel like I've finally committed to get on board.  I am working with my body, not against it.  Learning as I go.  Making tweaks where necessary.  It's been a passion of mine for a long time and it's fun to figure out.

Since these are the last two weeks of my experiment I'm going to commit a little more.

Through my experiments in planning my diet every week I've realized I don't love following someone else's food plan.  I'm using what I've learned from the 21-day-fix and using my FitnessPal to create my own simple daily plan that uses what I have on hand and what makes me feel good.  For the next week I'm planning on following the routine below and will tweak as necessary:


Wake, drink large glass of water, drink lemon water

Breakfast: Matcha bullet tea (with almond milk and coconut oil) Oats with egg, blueberries and chia, and cinnamon

Workout - trainer session, yoga or video

Snack: Shakeology

Lunch: steamed vegetables + fish, chicken or 2 hard boiled eggs

Snack: celery+hummus/hard boiled egg or almonds

Dinner: Steamed vegetables + fish or chicken (+ sweet potato or quinoa)

2L water per day, no coffee

Go for a nighttime walk as often as possible

Take natural calm, bath, lights low and technology off by 9pm, meditation

Supplements: magnesium, probiotics, BCAAs, glutamine, digestive enzymes