How to be Happier Right Now


I have wasted a lot of time being unhappy.

I have spent days and nights on end with anxiety.

I have flirted with self-doubt.

I have cuddled up to depression.

I have made love to fear.

And I have decided that none of those relationships are working.

Sometimes life throws us pain we have no choice of feeling - and sometimes we have a choice.

Sometimes you can tell yourself: "that thought is not serving you."

Sometimes you can stop flirting with fear and choose love instead.

Here are some ways to be happier right now:

Stop taking it personally

We've all got egos and I am no exception, but I've realized something really great as I get older: it's not about me.  If someone is rude or upset, it's likely their problem.  The more I learn to brush it off the less I take the brunt of other peoples emotions.  It's been kind of great realizing I'm not as important as I thought.

Nobody is thinking about you, they are thinking about themselves

Stop worrying about what people think.  Most of the time, they're thinking about themselves, just like you.  And if you've given them something to talk about, they likely don't actually hate you, you've just provided them with some entertainment.

Be around people who love you

This one's the best.  I am so incredibly lucky for my friends and family who love me.  I choose not to spend my time with people I need to prove myself to, because the people who matter most to me love me just as I am.  I've also realized that love should be easy, and I have a man in my life who proves that to me every day.


Don't waste your time on people who don't

See above.

Figure out what you actually need

Do you need to stress?  Do you need to beat yourself up?  Do you need to fall on bad habits?  Or do you need a nap?  A healthy meal?  A long walk?  A vacation?  A trip to the art gallery?  It's really easy to fill our days with things we don't really need.  Sometimes you've got to listen to the soft animal in your body and let it love what it loves (bonus point if you know the poem I stole that from.)

Realize the only thing you can control are your reactions

I am a lot calmer than I used to be.  In my line of work, it serves me well.  Because freaking out gets you nowhere.  You can't change everything, you can't fix all of your mistakes, but you can control how you react and how you deal with it.  That's all you can control.  So let go of the rest and do what you can.

Express your love

I don't think anything makes me happier than letting people I know how much I love them.  I think it makes them feel good too.

By the way dear reader, have I told you how much I love you?  Thank you for reading and following my random thoughts.