December Fit Focus: Week 5

Holy smokes, I've only got one week left in my challenge! The most exciting part?  I'm finally starting to see real change.


Even my trainers have been commenting on my strength, endurance, and newfound muscle definition.  It's all of the encouragement I need!

This past week was challenging for several reasons but I did my best.  I decided not to cut out coffee as I need it for my job (brings out the extrovert) and motivation on extra chilly mornings.  I realized that I can bribe myself with an Americano almond milk misto (mmm) to go out for a jog or a walk in the early hours.


I needed a little extra energy this week and upped my portions and protein a little to keep me in line.  I also gave myself a free ticket to enjoy a Saturday night out with friends, enjoying a Mexican feast and a couple of drinks.

I keep reminding myself this isn't some quick fix or detox.  This is the beginning of a lifelong journey and I'm really finding my groove.  I'm not following any specific plan, but keeping in mind the ideal portions and combinations I need to fuel me properly from the 21-day-fix and using MyFitnessPal.

It's exciting to see my body change and to see my inner strength reflected on the outside.  This is only the beginning.

See you next week for my final results!