Fit Over the Holidays

Tis the season to indulge, and I'm all for it! With the holidays here I'm fully committed to celebrating with my friends and family, enjoying every glass of wine and sweet treat that passes through my lips.

At the same time, I don't want to lose all of the hard work I put in to getting in shape this winter.  So I'm going in with an easy to follow game plan.


Here are some easy tips, and my own personal plan, for the healthiest and happiest of holidays!

Start the day right -

Lemon water first thing every morning to hydrate and get my digestion rolling!

Operation hydration -

Balance out the cocktails and Champagne by making hydration my day job: water, green tea and green juice, all day, every day! Three drink limit on alcoholic drinks in the evening. (And maybe some balanced blonde smoothies to stay hydrated and fueled?  Aloha, a new company focused on living a healthy lifestyle has some awesome recipes that are both delicious and nutritious!)

Protein all day, every day -

Protein is a magic weapon when it comes to avoiding sweet temptations. I like to keep hard boiled eggs and lean proteins handy all day long to keep cravings and energy crashes at bay. You can even sneak it into some of your treats to keep you balanced!

Morning moves -

Do a daily HIIT routine to keep me feeling mean and lean. Here is my prescription for a workout you can do anywhere: •10 burpees •10 jump squats •10 jumping lunges •60 second plank

REPEAT as much as your time and energy allows! (I did 5 rounds today, but am aiming for 10!)

Leave the car at home -

Walking is my favourite underrated workout. Whenever possible, walk to the coffee shop, the stores, or even dinner parties. Your body will thank you!

With all the social events to keep up with, use your health and fitness habits as a reminder to slow down, take care of yourself, and have some me time. And when it comes to the rest, have fun! Christmas comes once a year and is a great time to count your blessings and spend time with family and friends.

Happy holidays!