10 Lessons from 2014

IMG_6758 Go after every opportunity.

Sometimes your gut isn't initially right.  Go to the job meeting anyways.  Take a trip when you're not quite ready for it.  Get to know him or her.  You'll know when you're in it whether it's right or wrong, and leave with a new experience and knowledge regardless.

If you want it badly enough, have the balls to go after it.

They're too good for you?  The job is above you?  You're too athletically challenged?  Screw it. Try.  I dare you to prove yourself wrong.

No one is better than you.

We are all equal.

Reach out to those who intimidate and inspire you.

This year I made bonds and connections with people who scared the shit out of me.  I asked for advice, asked questions, and felt mutually respected.  Not everyone is going to respond to you, but it's always worth trying.

Tell it like it is.

I love to sugarcoat, but sweetness only gets you so far.  Ask for what you want, say how you really feel, and you will be surprised how refreshed people are.  You're also more likely to get what you're looking for.

Let your go of your ego, and go with your heart.

Anything that puts your ego in a vulnerable place is terrifying (hello love.)  Do it anyways.

Speak from the heart.

I don't care how hurt you are.  Be honest.  Try not to speak from spite, tiredness or jealousy.  What does your heart really want to say?  Spell it out even though it hurts.

Get over it.

You fucked up.  They fucked up.  Life is fucked up.  The beat goes on.  The sooner you get over it and muster up some valuable lesson, the sooner you can be happy and enjoy life.  It is short.

Learn to listen.

Even as an awkward introvert I often want to cut people off and speak for myself.  But I'm trying to listen.  Because everyone has something to offer and it's such a sign of love and respect.

You're okay.

Even when you don't feel like it.  Keep trying.  Keep fighting.  You are worth it. 

Dear reader, what did you learn this year?