Blank Space

I'm learning to be okay in the space in between. IMG_7033

I'm learning to trim the rose bushes on my path before trying to pave a new one (and yeah, maybe stopping to smell them once and a while.)

I had a plan to go back to school.  Then I faced my financial situation and realized it's just not possible. Part of me was relieved. I hate classrooms and have always been one to learn from experience. And the other part of me crumbled.  I had a plan. It made sense. For the first time in forever I felt like I could unpack and prepare for the future.  People smiled and agreed it was a good idea.

But it wasn't meant to be.  So I sobbed, and talked to wise souls, and choked on my words until it stopped hurting.

Then I accepted this small bump on my long and beautiful path (it has been so much bumpier before), and that decided I'd rather throw myself a party with Champagne than a pity party.

So I'm finding joy in limbo. I'm taking Burlesque classes. Jiggling my jiggly bits. Reading new books. Writing down plans. Making people laugh. Falling deeper in love. Embracing the unknown.

I still have so very much to learn.

And that can be exciting too, because is there anything better than a blank canvas?

Sure it needs some cleaning up, but then I'm going to paint something beautiful.