Burlesque Therapy

"You don't need to look like a Sports Illustrated Model to be sexy.  Do you know what's sexy?  Jiggling." I nod my head at our teacher, a beautiful blonde with pin-up girl curves.  She pulls off her top and stands there in a sports bra.  She has a belly to jiggle, and yes, she looks amazing.

Moments later I'm doing body rolls and full on booty shaking. It's harder than it looks, but man does it feel great.  I find myself envying the women with more to jiggle.  Why have I been working so hard to put on muscle?  Jiggling is ridiculously sexy!


To balance my time spent at the gym, I'm spending my evenings exploring my soft and sexy side at burlesque.  I feel at home in the small studio.  The women have tattoos, wear a lot of black and leopard, talk about corsets and tarot cards, and are comfortable in their own skin.

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I immediately jive with one woman who says burlesque was her therapy through her divorce. Another woman tells me she had been completely neglecting her feminine side until she came here.  All along she was a girly girl, but it took a few swivel of the hips to realize it and feel like herself again.

I get it. I've been in a funk, and somehow the dance, the movement, and the music make me feel like it's okay.  I dream of putting on a show, and regardless of whether or not I do, the daydream fuels me through greyer days and literally puts a bounce in my step while I walk.

Every woman I know who has any doubts about how beautiful her body is (ahem, pretty much every woman I know) should try burlesque.  We are all perfect exactly as we are.  Sometimes it takes a good jiggle to realize it.