Galentine's Weekend

Valentine's Day was the perfect excuse to celebrate love all weekend long. IMG_7616

I woke up Saturday and coerced myself into a mini workout at the gym.  By the time I arrived home these beautiful roses were waiting for me from my long distance love.

I celebrated with a heart protecting beet smoothie:

Beet Smoothie For Your Heart

 Beets are rich in folate and betaine which help protect you from heart disease! ❤️frozen banana ❤️3 small cooked beets (cold) ❤️raspberries ❤️vanilla protein powder ❤️almond milk

After getting all dolled up, I dropped off some homemade treats for the girls at work then made my way downtown to meet up with Jenny to kick off our epic Galentine's Day weekend.  We did it all: Fifty Shades of Grey, a classy cocktail out, a home cooked feast, pink Champagne, dessert covered in whipped cream, and a few hours of fun dancing at a nearby pub.

The next morning we redeemed ourselves with a spicy green juice and a long walk on the seawall.  Jenny, my personal trainer and beautiful friend, shares the same love in finding balance between indulging and being a health nut.  This leads us to getting up to our worst and best behavior together.

After our beautiful walk we continued the celebration with a big batch of gluten-free pancakes adorned with heart shaped fruit, coconut whipped cream, and a billion other fixings (peanut butter and jelly on pancakes?  YES.)  If you love eating and working out, we've got some exciting things coming your way!  You can get a taste of it our new instagram account.

I walked home in the sunshine feeling lucky to have a friend who feeds my heart and soul so generously.

I hope your heart and bellies were kept full all weekend long!

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