What I Ate Wednesday

If you're like me you love seeing what people eat. In honour of that notion, I'm doing a What I Ate Wednesday post. I haven't done anything like this since my Grub Street style weekly eats, so thought it might be fun.

I'm constantly tweaking my diet to see what works best for me.  These days I like to eat several small meals throughout the day with a balance of macros to keep me humming.

My meal prep makes this a million times easier!


First thing's first, some local brew with milk:


For breakfast: steel cut oats cooked with egg whites, frozen mangoes and berries...


...with two handfuls of almonds for healthy fats!


After a short HITT workout in the gym I slurped up a hearty green smoothie with one scoop vegan chocolate Shakeology, a frozen banana and kale.


At work I had my mid-morning snack of egg white and ground turkey and salsa frittatas.


Lunch was from my many mason jars!  Chicken, spinach and squash salad with miso dressing.


A little Vega Sport action for lunch dessert... because chocolate was calling my name.  GILLIAN, GILLIAN, EAT MEEEEEE.  Ok fine.


In the late afternoon I snacked on some crispy snap peas with hummus.  (Full disclosure: I added sriracha).


My lovely dinner for one was a pepper stuffed with ground turkey, arugula salad, some red wine.


I'm not normally a big weekday drinker, but I had a little more wine while watching a movie, and ended up making another warm bowl of oatmeal with mangoes and berries before heading off to bed.

C'est tout!  Next week I'm planning to amp up my workouts and plan out some meals that will help me look and feel my best for my upcoming trip to California.  Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts.  Now it's time for coffee once again!