Adventure Day

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Saturday, Jenny and I took an adventure day.

We wanted to discuss our budding business, Training for Dinner, and have some fun about town.  So we set off with backpacks full of snacks, good walking shoes, and a mission to eat, drink, and explore.IMG_8170

After spending far too long in the Dollar store, where we bought some childish art supplies and I scored this hat for $2.50, we set off down East Hastings.  We were very quickly stopped in out footsteps by the smell of a new bakery, and obviously had to go in to try samples.


With our hunger momentarily appeased, we got back en route with cocktails in mind.  I told Jenny she better do some pushups to earn our Happy Hour, and she did us both proud.


Meanwhile I just tried to look tough and cool.


After stopping in my favourite cheese shop we skipped over the bridge to Gourmet Warehouse, where I restrained myself from buying bulk Callebaut chocolate and fifty kinds of hot sauce before finally making it to the ultimate cocktail destination: Odd Society.  They make incredible gin, vodka and cassis and have the most chilled out tasting room.  We sipped, talked business, and got a little tipsy.


Our final stop was Havana on Commercial for two big bowls of plantain chips with chipotle mayo and some wine to share while we watched the sun go down.

IMG_8192 It was the kind of day that made me fall in love with Vancouver all over again, feeling lucky to have such a kindred spirit to share it with.