Life is a journey


Dear woman, Yes, life is a journey. You are going to have to pack And unpack, More than you may like to. There will be times you wish you could Change your clothes, shoes or soul For another. Sometimes your own skin Will itch and burn. Take care of it. It too, will change over the years. And become more resilient, You will yearn for the days, When it was softer. The journey is long. Celebrate your uniqueness. Do not get lost in the images Or try to match your own to another. Life is not a game of memory. Stop holding on to old ones, And spend your time Creating new ones. Do not forget what Your heart needs. Do not forget to listen To the quiet voice inside That speaks your true desires. Take your body outside, Tell the world how you feel, Share your tenderness, Nourish, taste, explore. And when no one is there To hold your hand, Hold your own to your heart, You've got this. Yes, the journey is long, But we have breath, and life, And there is not one way to do things. So defy your own limits, Understand that the worst will pass, And enjoy your travels, You will miss them in the end.