Summer Love

IMG_2037 And just like that, I cried for the first time at an airport.

You think it would get easier, this whole long distance thing, but it gets harder.  The more I love him the more it hurts to see him go.

Earlier in the day a country song played "I'm hard to love, and you make it easy," and I joked that it was about us.  He begged to differ, but I know that I can still keep my walls up.  The coming and goings of our relationship is exhausting at times and I don't hide my emotions.

But as complicated as I make things, he makes it easy.

On this visit we took off to the Okanagan the morning after we arrived.  He rented a jeep and we drove through the mountains with the top down until we realized how cold it was.  We went wine tasting and spent a morning swinging through the trees on tight ropes in an adventure park.  Back in Vancouver we tried a few new things, like paddle boarding, and revisited some of our favourite spots.

Last summer he was brave enough to come here and take a risk on me.  Back then I got by on a rebellious attitude and a focus on my career.  Since then I have learned to let go of my ego and to give myself the time I need to figure out what I want to do with my life.  As much as it sucks to say that I still don't really know, it feels good to soften.

I miss him already but I am also excited to see how we grow.