Lessons Learned in My Late 20s


Love should be easy

All relationships have road bumps.  But they should not be a daily struggle.  You should not spend more time crying than you do laughing.  You should not live in fear.  I thought love was meant to be hard.  The best advice I ever received?  "It should be easy."  I didn't know that was possible until now.



Your career does not define you

Sometimes you need to put your ego in your back pocket and do what makes you happy.

Community is key

Having a community of friends and people that support you makes life so much better.

Getting in shape is hard and worth it

Getting in shape in your late 20s and beyond gets more challenging.  A good workout is physically and mentally challenging, and sometimes just getting to the gym is an inner tug o' war.  But it is worth it.  You are building your strength, confidence, and investing in your own life insurance.


People will come and go and that's ok

People come in and out of your life for a reason.  That's okay.  Some will always be there.  Some won't, and that's okay too.

Worrying about what other people think is a waste of your life

They aren't thinking about you that much in the first place.  Be true to you.  Have fun with your life.  Be a huge nerd.  Be honest.  Be kind.


You might as well be comfortable being you

Insecurities are a waste of time.  Uncomfortable in a  new group?  Nervous in your bikini?  You've only got yourself.  Have fun with you.  Love you.  Embrace all of you.  I've had the most fun in my life when I've been a complete mess because I realized I might as well make the best of it.

You need to learn from your mistakes, not wear them

You're going to mess up, and you're going to mess up again.  You can walk around like a failure, or you can take what you can from the experience and move on with a little more wisdom.


It's okay to keep reinventing yourself

You are allowed to change.  You don't have to live one life, have one career or stay in one place.  I plan on having a lot of stories for my grandchildren one day.


Adventures are forever

The joy that comes from material things is fleeting.  Adventures are forever.