Viva Indeed

Las Vegas is another world. It's like Disneyland for adults.  Everything you're told to be careful with is there in abundance - sex, alcohol, gambling, and 24 hours of stimulation.


I just returned from a work trip to sin city.  Surprisingly, I feel more relaxed that when I left.  Turns work trip with a large group of beautiful women was exactly what I needed.

I have been questioning, as usual, my place in life and where I'm meant to be.  This trip reinforced that I have everything I need right now, especially when it comes to having a wonderful group of friends and coworkers.

We worked hard, slept little, and had a lot of fun as a team.

One morning I went for a walk in the 6am light.  The construction workers were out, as were the girls in 6 inch heels and the boys stumbling home. A talented musician belted out "You are so beautiful" for change.  Vegas is somethin else.

On our last night I was reminded that life is an adventure.  My coworker and I managed to miss our flight while the rest of our team had boarded.  Rather than panic, we made the most of it.

We checked our tired bodies into a hotel, changed back into our heels and dresses, found Champagne, and enjoyed a serene mimosa kind of morning by the pool before heading back to the airport.  This woman means a lot to me, so an extra mini vacation with her was a gift and a practice in gratitude.

I've always thought I needed quiet and alone time to find clarity but this trip proved to be quite the opposite.  As overwhelming as it sometimes was, I found myself totally at peace surrounded by good people who love and understand me.  I realized I've got it really good right now.  I'm happy.

I was also reminded that as well planned and rounded I'd like my life to be, an adventure is always more fun.