20 Things I hope to Teach (Or Have Taught) My Mother

My mom sent me this great article recently. I teared up on #17.  She has helped me get through a lot.


I am so grateful for my mom and all of the lessons she's taught me in life.  It got me thinking that I hope I've taught her a thing or two in return.

Here are 20 things I hope to teach, or have already taught, my mother:

1. She is beautiful

Gorgeous.  With any haircut, outfit, or age.  She will always be a dancer in my eyes.  The woman who strolled down European sidewalks wearing long flowing dresses, dangling earrings and Opium perfume.  At any age she continues to carry herself with style and grace and be head to toe beautiful.


2. None of her life lessons have been wasted

I still remember to be careful with money, but to splurge on food, lingerie and shoes.  That no matter how much is in your bank account you can figure out a way to travel.  That it's good to eat hard boiled eggs, veggie platters and chicken soup.  That a woman should always have a room of one's own.  That my purse should always contain a journal and a pen.  That I should never rely on anyone else to make me happy.


3. It's an adventure!

When my mom and I travel together, it's always an adventure.  When something goes wrong I yell "it's an adventure!"  And we roar with laughter and make the best of it.  One of my favourite memories is sleeping at a gas station with her, waking up at 4am for hot croissants, and driving home while the sun rised.

4. I am never too old to be mothered

I will always need her.  For her wisdom, her hugs, her help, her telling me to eat more or be more careful with my money or my heart.


5. It's okay to spend money on yourself

My mother will give you the clothes off her back but struggles to spend money on herself.  I do my best to encourage her.

6. It's worth the extra five minutes to put on mascara and lipstick

I love when she buys herself a fancy new mascara or lipstick, because she always perks up and deserves to feel as good as she looks without it.

7. None of her sacrifices have been overlooked

I know that my mother sacrificed a lot for three kids.  But I am so glad she did.  I can't imagine my life without her by my side.

8. She is strong

Oh my god is she strong.  Physically, emotionally, intellectually.  She can scare a man twice her size with a wit and get through anything life throws her.  She is my hero.

9. She is brave

She moved to France with three kids, little grasp on the language, and a husband working in Canada.  She moved to Ireland with her crazy teenage daughter to show her how to believe in a dream.  She writes and speaks honestly in a way that most of us are afraid to.


10. I'll always be her baby


11. But she can be my baby too

When she needs to be held, or taken care of, or smothered in love, I am always here too.

12. I can listen as a friend too

And when she needs to talk about all those hard to talk about things...I can disconnect and listen as a friend, because I'm that too.

13. You can't have too much Champagne

Not sure if I taught her that or she taught me?

14. It's okay to take risks

I know sometimes I seem crazy.  Like leaving Europe on a day's notice to go on a TV show to talk about burritos, then moving to Vancouver with a carry on and no money, but I always make it work.

15. I'll get up when I fall

Even though sometimes it requires her help.

16. Her opinion always matters

Even when I don't listen and wear fake leather leggings anyways.

17. Mani pedis are okay to splurge on often

My mom once told me that if she won the lottery she would get mani and pedis more often.  I told her she can do this on her current budget, just to make it a priority.  She deserves it.


18. Matching pyjamas are fun

Best Christmas tradition I ever started.

19. I'm never too old to cuddle

Especially when popcorn, wine, and a movie or poetry are involved.

20. I will always love her more than she knows

Words aren't ever enough.  She is my world.  My heart.  My mama.