Setting Intentions

I have given myself a gift. After a weekend with a group of friends up in Whistler, I have allowed myself to stay up another night on my own to think and write.


I have not had a lot of time to work through my thoughts and emotions lately.  Instead they have crept in the form of bad habits: anxiety, overeating, having an extra drink or two when I don't need it.  These are all my red flags to step back and take some alone time.

After I launched my book, Lean for Life, I felt incredibly vulnerable.  Who am I to launch this?  What if people don't buy it?  Or worse, don't like it?  Maybe I need a graphic designer?  To rediscover my love for photography?  When will my work be good enough?  What am I doing with my life?

That sneaky little voice of self doubt got REALLY loud.  So my sleep suffered. My diet suffered.  And now it's a time to listen, to realize I'm okay, and to set some better intentions.

If nothing else it has been a good reminder of how much better it feels to live with intention.  To speak, move, eat, and behave consciously.

I know I feel my best when I do these things.  When I act purely out of love.  When I take quiet time to write and walk (my lifelong therapies).  When I eat things that nourish my body and not to the point of discomfort.

I remind myself of what I tell friends: forgive, move on, and take tomorrow as a fresh start.

And so I take a deep breath.  Remind myself to trust the process.  To continue building the life I want to live.  To be confident.

Tonight I will go for a walk and then cook for myself.  Tomorrow I will write all day, set my intentions for the week, and sneak in some nature before taking the bus back to Vancouver.

Exhale. IMG_4571 IMG_4521 IMG_4529 IMG_4588 IMG_4527 IMG_4535 IMG_4552


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