Work in Progress

IMG_3553 I am terrified.

I have spent my entire life
Building myself up to be somebody,
And now I am a work in progress.
When people ask what I want,
I raise my shoulders and have no response.
Sometimes life shakes you.
Sometimes you let
your own mistakes define you.
Sometimes you are still
Pressing the restart button
When everyone else wants to press 'go'.
You are still figuring out
How you like your coffee

Or like to part your hair, Or the people who make you feel like you're okay.

You don't crave the unknown;
You crave knowing yourself again.
Maybe that's braver to admit
Than wanting stars and stardust.
Those will come too.
When you least expect it.
When the night sky
Paints you a perfect canvas,
And you realize your past
Has sculpted you
Into something more beautiful
Than you ever could have imagined.
That you are not broken,
You are not in progress,
In fact you are complete.
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