Making It Happen

I am on the first leg of my long journey to Japan. IMG_5947

This time last year I flew to Japan on a writing assignment, and now I've been asked to return to help with tourism.

When I tell people what I'm up to they often ask how I get these opportunities. Like most things in my life, there are no simple answers.

I got this opportunity because while I was earning a Bachelor's degree in journalism there was this crazy, wonderful girl who rode around on rollerblades. Years later I came to her in a dream while  I was living in Berlin and she reached out to me through the internet. We started to write each other daily. We both worshipped Sylvia Plath and shared a weakness for honest writing. When I showed up on her doorstep between travels, she became one of my many homes. And when I was lost and had a few pennies to my name, she connected me with her editor for a travel magazine. He liked my writing and my photos. My affair with travel writing began.

These opportunities don't just fall in my lap. I've been blogging consistently for 11 years. Putting myself out in the world and fighting self doubt like a ninja (there is so much under the surface.) While I am in no doubt lucky, I also work hard.

I still have much to do and much to learn. But if you want to make these kind of things happen, I believe that you can. If you want to travel - travel. Don't wait until you have enough time or money because both are escaping you anyways.  If you want to write - write, write your truths. Self-publish. Reach out.  You are good enough now, I promise.

The world is yours the second you decide it is.

I am going to do my best to blog every day in Japan - see you soon!