Paris: Part 2 (The Fashion)

Oh I have so much to fill you in on. I just returned from California, but before I get to that I must give you the promised Part 2 to Paris. Light on words, heavy on fashion. Because that is why we came to Paris.


When I was born my mom stopped at Leslie Jane, a woman's boutique, on the way home from the hospital. I tell her it's the reason I have always loved beautiful clothing.

I grew up trying on the finest fabrics and watching my mom make art of the window displays. We lost Leslie, one of my mom's closest friends, many moons ago, but the shop remains a place to be inspired and is now run by her wonderful son.

I am grateful to help my mom buy for the store on occasion and drape myself in cashmere. Our days in Paris were spent under the bright lights of the big exposition centre at Porte de Versailles working hard, but balancing it out with fun, laughter, and of course Champagne.

Here is a sneak peek of some of our favourites this time around in Paris, captured by my very talented friend Marisa.

Our first stop at the market was for the incredible cashmere at La Fée Parisienne. This line is created by an eccentric, vivacious Italian, Lara Bruneau. She is as beautiful as the pieces she comes up with.


IMG_9305 IMG_9319 IMG_9320 IMG_9318 IMG_9335

And because lunch is also fashionable, we broke for bubbles and salads between clothing lines.


Another favourite of the store, and myself, is Elemente Clemente. This Munich-based is the synthesis of a modern look, quality materials and casual elegance.

IMG_9362 IMG_9372IMG_9361IMG_9364

And the last I'll share with you is our love, Manuelle Guilbault. We love this woman, petite like my mama, with the same mischievous smile and warmth. We also love her clothing - unique, feminine, magical, sensual... I could drape my body in her designs every day.

IMG_9424 IMG_9426 IMG_9389 IMG_9391 IMG_9425 IMG_9420 IMG_9423

On our last day I snuck out in the morning with my brother for lunch at Holybelly and coffee at Ten Belles, then reunited with this beauty and help her find her favourite food: le burger.


We worked a little more, then took a Champagne pause.


All in all we worked hard, stayed warm, and loved each other. I got to see my mama, my brother, my dad, my Turkish family, some friends, and to properly catch up with my cherie Marisa.

I'll write a few more notes on where my heart now stands in Paris in the last of it, Part 3 (The Departure).

Until then, merci, merci Paris, you are still true elegance to me.

IMG_9437 IMG_9404