Competitor Series: To Compete or Not?

To compete or not to compete? That is the question.

I am officially 16 weeks out and feeling very torn on whether not to compete.

I am currently in the midst of wedding planning, as well as planning my move down to California. This involves a lot of time, paperwork and money.

So while I still plan to diet and train for my goal in August, it may not be financially realistic. Competing is expensive. You need to pay registration fees, buy your suit, fake tan, jewelry, shoes, makeup..the whole package.

But I'm not ready to give up on this goal just yet. Because:

  • I am doing this for me.
  • I am doing this to learn.
  • I am doing this to progress physically.
  • I am doing this to help future clients (I am setting up my own health coaching business.)

At the same time, I need to accept that it just might not be financially possible.

So my current plan is to keep going through contest prep. I'm going to start adjusting my diet at 14 weeks out because we're taking engagement photos late May (!!!) and then carry on through my cut.

I will see how things go through summer, and while I may not get stage lean, I hope to get to a happy point of leanness before going into maintenance and working towards looking and feeling great for our wedding.

After that, I may do a mini bulk again, and prepare for a show in the new year!

If all works out, I will still hit the stage in August!

I hope you'll keep following this wild adventure, and stay tuned for updates and progress.