Competitor Series: On Prep While Traveling

Holy smokes guys I'm 5 weeks out! IMG_4417

I apologize for the big delay in posting. Since I last wrote a lot has happened, including a trip to Hawaii, home to Vancouver for 12 hours, then back to Carmel, a road trip to LA and back again.


I'm going to keep it brief since we're about to run out again to go stay at another friend's house (my head is spinning), but wanted to update you on my progress.

I have begun the serious part of my prep amongst this madness, with some highs and lows. I did mostly really well in Hawaii, carrying around my gallon of water, eating lots of fresh fish, getting some seriously sweaty workouts in, and only cheating with the occasional Mai Tai.

IMG_4113 IMG_4093 IMG_4070 IMG_3916 IMG_4061

I find it really hard to travel with a group and stick to a strict diet, so I counted my macros where possible and made adjustments where necessary.

The last few weeks of this prep have been nowhere near perfect, but I'm making it work.

In LA I had the opportunity to get in a real posing class with IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete Lisette Howard, and even got to workout with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Big Will Harris at The Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold's Gym Venice. Both gave me some great tips and words of encouragement.


I am in awe of all the cool places this experience is taking me, and working so closely with a couple of pros definitely stirred up my passion for bodybuilding. I even spotted Arnold leaving Gold's as I went in for my workout!

Meanwhile I'm very aware that I've got a lot of work, posing practice, and hard dieting to do over the next 5 weeks to get on stage.

I'll keep you posted on the journey!

Til next time,