There are ants everywhere this Spring. They come with the rain.

Depending on my mood, they bother me or they don't, crawling into the kitchen sink or across bathroom floors.

As I build my life in California, I find myself running form place to place working on various projects, working long days, going home to study, and making an effort to have some kind of balance on top of it all. 

I remind myself how lucky I am. Even when I'm beat down, I think "I get to do all of this. I get to build my life here."

I see my future clearly now in health and fitness. My ultimate goal: empower women. There is so much misinformation out there. 

In building this I have started coaching more clients, completing my studies to become a personal trainer, and am completing an apprenticeship at a sports training centre where I'm learning science based functional training for athletes as well as the general public. Soon I'll be teaching the 5am class and have already welcomed 4am mornings as I shadow and learn the drills.

I also had the opportunity to work with a local photographer and tanning company on my first photoshoot. It's crazy to see these photos. I have worked so hard to build muscle, to become stronger, to love and fuel my body and alas - it shows. I realize I have a big responsibility in sharing these photos and hope to keep spreading science based information on diet, fitness and body composition to override the fads and lies out there.

I have so much work to do. I also joined the board for the Uganda Fistula Fund and will be tying in some of my work with the foundation.

Like all forms of building - in muscle, in business, in homes - it is a lot of work building my dream here. But I am so very grateful and proud of my foundation.