Honey I'm Home

I’m home.

The fact that I’m even writing a blog says a lot about how at home I am.

I have not felt at ease enough to sit down and write for a long time. But as I sit here in our living room, Derek sleeping in our open bedroom across from me, fog rolling over the Valley and the birds chirping outside - I am at ease.

After living in Monterey for 3 years we finally realized our dream of moving to Carmel Valley. Since I moved here from Canada I have dreamed of waking up in nature, stepping outside in total privacy with my coffee, and overlooking the rolling hills. That dream is now a reality. I put my hand on my heart daily and count my blessings.

I am also near the end of my competition prep. In 2 weeks I will step on stage for my Bikini Pro Debut and then likely take a break from competing and focus on business for a while. I see so much potential in helping more people find home in their bodies as I watch my clients flourish, and I know it’s time to expand. I am still figuring out how much of this will be through in person training, and how much through online. But I do see a need for human connection and the power of community. When I have group training sessions there is so much power in these women of all ages and levels encouraging and inspiring each other. The world needs more of that.

I am feeling at home in my own body too. Competition prep is tough and can often make me feel disconnected from my body at times. But since moving to the Valley the walks outside and being able to be free in my body at home, without closing my apartment blinds the way I did in our old place, has given me a freedom to connect with myself. As I walk the rolling hills outside I am reminded of the many years of my life I simply walked everywhere for exercise. It connects me to myself and my thoughts. The fact that the scenery reminds me so much of the South of France, my true home, is comforting on a whole new level.

Yesterday we planted our first herbs and flowers. Derek worked away in his big straw hat while sipping a Corona and I dug up the soil in the cheap pink gardening gloves he picked up from Home Depot with joy. I smiled the whole time, dirt all over my chest and somehow up my nostrils, thinking “Wow, we’re truly building a life together.” We’ve been building for some time, but having this new space, new freedom, new platform to grow and blossom is something else. My heart overflows.

I hope to share more with you - dear readers. I have a kitchen to cook and share recipes from. A garden to grow and a life that feels ready to bloom.


Photography by ProPix Media, bodysuit from Dentelle Lingerie in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

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