w h o  i s  g i l l i a n ?

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I am a writer, marketing specialist and lifestyle coach living in Carmel, California.

I first started blogging in 2004 on my original blog - Confessions of a Young Woman - and switched over to a blog called Battle of the Bites (you can find previous posts in the blog section) to focus on my love of food. I have worked in food television, was featured on the Food Network, taught cooking classes and worked in catering for many years.

My varied work background includes producing shows for the Discovery Channel, doing PR for ResearchGate in Berlin, and leading excursions around Paris where I lived for many years.

While I am passionate about creative work - I am equally passionate about integrating my love of fitness and nutrition into my life.

I currently train clients at the Alpha Project in California and am studying nutrition through Precision Nutrition.

I am always striving to learn, improve, and help others in the process.

Because of this, I freelance doing creative work for small businesses and working one on one with clients to improve their overall health and lifestyle.

My blog is also now about all of my great loves - travel, fitness, style, health, personal stories and so much more. 


You can reach me at gillianyoungbarkalow@gmail.com for any inquiries.